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KSDT specializes in supporting families who are pregnant or adopting, or who already share their home with babies or young children.  In 2013 prior to the birth of her families first "2-legged" addition, Kat became a Licensed Presenter with the internationally recognized group Family Paws Parent Education.  


Family Paws Parent Education is the parent organization of two International licensed programs: Dogs & Storks® and Dog & Toddlers™ . We provide specialized programs for new and expecting families with dogs.  We offer a wide range of support to families, dog professionals and childbirth professionals to support success between babies, toddlers and family dogs.


Our goal is to increase the safety of children and the success of dogs in homes with children. We seek to decrease the number of dogs surrendered to shelters due to easily preventable behavioral problems and common conflicts.


Kat can personally attest to the value of both of FPPE's amazing programs!


About Our Programs:




Dogs & Toddlers™ is the ideal program for families with dogs and babies who are soon to be crawling or walking.   Often the first 3 months have gone smoothly and many families are caught off guard when their dog begins to show discomfort with the new developmental changes of their mobile baby.  This program offers insight and proactive options for some of the common challenges families with dogs experience as baby becomes mobile..

Dogs & Storks® This program is perfect for expecting families with dogs as they prepare for life with baby.  We offer positive, practical, and fun solutions that will help you include your dog once baby arrives.  We want to help ease families into the transition from pet parents to  baby parents with pets.

For more information about Family Paws programs, webinars & other dog and baby resources, please visit the Family Paws Parent Education website by clicking here.

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