Dogs live and learn best when experiencing life with their human companions through a series of positive interactions. What a dog perceives as rewarding is most likely to be repeated. Teaching our dogs desirable behaviors through the use of reward based techniques keeps learning fun and exciting and strengthens the relationship between humans and dogs. Clear communication, a better understanding of who our dogs are, and how their minds work is essential to having an enjoyable, loving and long lasting human-dog relationship.

At no time do I believe it is necessary to frighten, intimidate, or physically bring pain upon your closest four-legged friend in order to have a dog who harmoniously shares your life with you.  As a dedicated force-free professional, I do not endorse aversive equpiment such as choke chains, prong collars, or remote collar use.    

Dogs learn best when they feel happy, relaxed & safe with their humans. When you choose training with KSDT, you can be confident that you will be introduced to a science-based, positive, force-free approach to learning.  Whether your companion is an adolescent or adult dog, or a brand new puppy, I believe that positive training is the key to not only having the dog you want, but a dog who fits well into today’s modern society.

Training Philosophy 


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