Has your household grown by 2 or 4 legs? New changes in your older dog? Navigating puppyhood? Have you heard growling, experienced or nearly experienced a dog bite?


Kat can Help

Let Kat's fun and positive approach to dog training help you create an enjoyable relationship with your dog.  Set your dog up for success and start learning today!

Learning how your dog communicates and teaching them the skills necessary to be successful in your specific household, is one of the greatest investments you can make.  A good understanding of how your dog's mind works is key in the prevention of undesirable and unwanted behaviors.  At KSDT we believe in the inclusion of your dog as a well loved member of your family.



Kat Stevens Dog Training offers in-home or on-location private dog training sessions within 25 miles of our home base in Ferndale, Mi.  

Kat sees households for a variety of support for puppies and adult dogs.

Sessions with Kat take a force-free approach to learning and focus on science based, positive reinforcement techniques.  You will not find aversive equipment such as: choke chains, prong collars, or electronic shock collars/equipment in our sessions - or - techniques that are meant to frighten, intimidate, or be viewed as confrontational with your dog.  

Ask about our special interest in specific support for families, pre-baby through toddler years!  



"Kat offers a positive training approach that rewards dogs good/positive behaviors--so a pet owner like myself doesn't ever have to yell or punish my baby!! She makes herself available for questions and extra support and really goes above and beyond training. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my new family member!”

– Sam S.
"What a Godsend it was meeting Kat Stevens. Kat came into our life because we were first time dog owners and we found ourselves with a very spirited and feisty husky/shepherd who was a real biter. Since meeting Kat in a few short weeks, my dog, Jackson, no longer bites, he walks nicely on a leash, comes when called, sits, lays down, and knows many more commands. Her positive approach to dog training and her love and knowledge of dogs is phenomenal. If I get another pup, I'm calling Kat. Thank you Kat for giving us a puppy we can love for a lifetime."
-Denise B
"We just finished our first set of classes with our puppy Louie. After just three classes we already are seeing huge improvement, all thanks to Kat! She showed us what to do to help correct things that we we're having trouble with, and always took the time to make sure she answered all of our questions. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great, more personal, one on one experience! Thank you so much, Kat! "
- Kasperek Family