Meet the Trainer

Kat is a committed positive reinforcement, reward based trainer whose attention to detail, patience and scientifically proven techniques are certain to set you and your dog up for success.

Kat NEVER advocates the use of inhumane equipment such as choke chains, prong or shock collars, or techniques meant to intimidate, frighten, or physically manipulate your dog. Kat welcomes dogs of all ages, sizes, types & breeds, and people from all walks of life.

Kat began studying dog training after adopting her dog LOLA, an adult German Shepherd mix, from Detroit Michigan Humane Society. Despite Kat’s many prior years of dog ownership and care experience, LOLA came home with a lot of ‘surprise’ issues and behaviors resulting in a stressful, chaotic living situation. Determined to make the relationship work with her new found friend, Kat began learning how to even better understand her dog’s behavior and how to communicate effectively with her, turning their home into a happy household once again. In 2011 Kat turned her lifelong passion and enthusiasm for dogs into her dream career & graduated from Animal Behavior College as a Certified Dog Trainer.

In 2013 Kat became a licensed presenter with Family Paws Parent Education.  As a Family Paws presenter Kat focuses on helping parents and families make sense of their lives with dogs and babies and young children.  


Kat also constantly participates in dog training webinars & seminars to stay current in the latest dog science.  


In addition to her years in the dog training business, Kat has spent time volunteering with local animal shelters, completed a course in canine massage therapy, worked as a play group supervisor in a dog day care, and has cared for many animals and dogs as a professional pet sitter and dog walker throughout the Metro Detroit area.



Kat Stevens, ABCDT​


Kat is the right Dog Trainer for you if…
-You want a certified, experienced & professional trainer

-You are seeking a positive training experience for your dog(s) that is based on    

  scientifically proven techniques

-You are in need of a flexible training schedule

-You want an individualized training program specifically tailored to your dog's needs

-You want a private, in-home training setting

-You are looking to build better communication

  and mutual trust and respect between you and your dog(s)

-You are looking for your dogs to be

  more confident & predictable

-You are looking for a trainer who offers

  continued and ongoing support

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