Whether you are struggling with house-training, destructive chewing, a dog who drags you down the street on walks, or just looking to learn the basics, Kat can help you get things started off on the right paw! Kat is an experienced, knowledgeable, certified trainer who’s humane, rewarding, and science based techniques will help to enhance and get the most out of your relationship with your dog.


Welcoming home a new baby or older child? Adding a dog to your family with young children?


Kat is your Metro-Detroit resource for family friendly dog training!

  • Puppy Training

  • Basic Obedience Cue Training

  • House-Training

  • Help for Destructive Chewing 

  • Help for Unruly House Behavior


  • Loose-Leash Walking Training 

  • Reliable Recall Training

  • Polite Door Greeting Training 

  • Making Sense of Your Newly Adopted Dog


  • Help Managing Your Multi-Dog Household

  • Adult Dog Training

  • Behavior Prevention and Modification

  •  Family Dog Training

  • Fun, Games & More!

Contact Kat with your specific training needs and for information on training rates.
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